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Alternative Health

Articles on alternative health topics such as herbs, supplements, and herb-drug interactions. Alternative Health DTD is the most used. Quick Guide and Herb-Drug Interaction are used for our professional level content.

Conditions In Depth

Multi-part articles geared toward the patient, providing comprehensive coverage of many health and medical conditions.

Common (Component DTDs):

Contains fragments used by other DTDs.

Deluxe Feature:

Feature articles with specialized elements for enhanced navigation.


Reference articles on drugs and medical devices for the health professional.

Fact Sheet:

Brief informational summaries on conditions and procedures, geared toward the patient.


Features have a layout structure similar to a magazine article.

EBSCO Publishing Onsite:

An aggregate version of several of our most widely used DTD's, simplified for easier deployment by EBSCO Publishing Onsite users.

Index Page:

Index pages contain lists of articles, organized in various ways.

News Article:

Timely news stories on health and medical topics.